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Related article: Date : Sun, February 15, 1998 20 16th 15 EST From: ebay barber aol. com Subject : Brook n Bach Copyright 1998 I have been in San Diego on a business trip in the last few weeks fly on Monday morning and fly back to Portland on Friday night. I continue to in the same hotel each week, so I had a routine in it. I knew most of the the reception staff, who help with the hotel's restaurant, hell, even I know a lot of the name of the maids. The first time I checked, I was helped by a man named Brook. Since then, out of my way to judge for myself, I also check on gradually to the door of the hotel at the reception for another guest to wait on the right to \\ \\ n I and the other employees in the service. Brook looked, well, the church. I think everyone who was about 25, of course, no facial hair, conservative suit with a white shirt and tie - the Hotel " uniform" - the church would look like. But Brook also had a nice smile, and beautiful dark hair, dark bedroom eyes. I also liked the wsuit ay jacket very close to a narrow waist. From time to time need help from the desk and tried to ensure that Brook, which has helped me. Things like where to get a good pizza (Brook recommendation was big n ), where the nearest pharmacy was the way to any direction. I was tempted to ask Brook, where the nearest bar was gay, I was Preteen Ass not sure I know, and did not want to be embarrassed if he knew. Brook also spoke with when he left, or return to the hotel. I soon learned that he was single, lived with their parents, not seeing anyone, , and rose at 11:00 hours. I also learned that he was an avid hockey fan, as I am. He liked the Duck - had grown close to Anaheim, I liked the penguins - I had lived and worked in Pittsburgh for a few years before Portland after n when I changed jobs. It seemed the perfect situation for me - when I was in the n in the city, when the two teams played, and worked Brook, and the game in the right TVTime. Finally, I checked the schedule and found a hockey game is televised from 10:00 hours. Perfect, I could invite Brook to my room to see the second half of the game and in his pants... On the night before, I talked to Brook, to ensure that he worked on the night of the game, and he had no plans for after work - I know he does not usually happen. I invited him to watch the game and told him to buy beer. I'm on an expense account n , so it would be easy to cover the cost of a couple of packs of six. On the night of the game, Brook saw me enter the elevator of the hotel bringing of the beer. He called, who later would see the whip of the Ducks penguins. Come n between now and 11:00 clock would be, if Brook came home from work and to my room, I went to the gym training hotel. My energy level high, so I had a good workout. I went back to around the room until 11:00 am, late n to take a shower before Brook was, so I stayed in my gym shorts s sweaty littleHirt. I have a beer from the fridge in the room, and turned the game. the the first half was almost over. A few minutes later someone knocked at the door I opened it to find standing Brook, with a tray covered with the hand of s. "Room Service", he said, smiling. He added: Brook has on the subject, and put it on the table before the sofa " I tried to make the boss us some snacks for the game. ". discovered a plate of nachos, a couple of potato dishes and dishes of salsa and chips. Brook said after the game, and gave a summary of a quiet game. When he sat down, I said, " Take off your jacket and tie. is sit back, " was Brook and took off his jacket and placed it carefully on a chair. n then took off his tie, opened the buttons of his shirt and sat on the couch to watch the game. When he began releasing Preteen Ass the buttons on the cuffs and roll up their sleeves, I almost fainted - I'm not sure why I think a guy withRolled up as sexy, but I know. I have watched with passing interest that his arms were very hairy, despite his dark hair and Preteen Ass complexion almost Mediterranean. If Brook was sitting there I asked if I wanted a beer. He said: " Sure," I said, has a refrigerator for it. When she took the can, and munching nachos, said : Meanwhile, I drank my own beer and watching the game " I skipped dinner. ". The game reached a truce, therefore, Brook said, " I'm hot and sweaty, and probably smell. I want to take a quick shower. Do you mind? " Brook said he knew for I left the room and entered the bedroom. On my way out the door, I n over his shoulder, shouted: " Take off your shoes and feel " So when I took off the training material, Brook said, "Tell me, that range is. and more beer, if desired. " When I was naked, and from the bathroom, the result of the two sleeping and living room, heard the cries ofTelevision. I stuck my head in my s in the door, so that only showed his chest and asked Preteen Ass what Brook is happening. Brook gave me an overview of emotion, a goal short, a bad name of reference, and the struggle that followed. I could feel my eye on Brook in the chest, and especially in tit rings that sparkled in the light. went to the bathroom and opened the shower. Speaking as n, I Brook is pushing the door of the living room, which had left ajar in If you keep Brook, to join me. "Forgive me," he said as he disappeared behind the shower curtain, so Brook ( I am told ) a good look at my sweet ass. He continued, "I have to get rid of the beer, " Brook. "You know what they say, ", exclaimed, "Never buy beer, just rent. " I heard Brook giggle when I saw his shadow on the other side of the curtain. I even saw the movement as he denied it, then carefully remove the zipper. " Feel free to rent another beer," I cried when I saw him out of bathroom. I left the bathroom with a towel around my waist and the other in the head, which I dried my hair. One thing I will say about the hotel , they certainly have large towels. And released, not even the small squares gingham can be found in a Motel 6 On the way to the couch hung the towel that was drying her hair with the support of a chair, and have a beer from the fridge. I noticed that Brook had one in my hand, too. It did not seem drunk at all, but. I even commented on it, said, "Damn, is much more than three beers to get drunk, I had plenty of practice in school. " When I sat by Brook on the couch not close, but easily accessible. I saw the game for a minute, then turned to Brook. I asked him, s what I had lost. Tolerated turned to me and tell me. As he spoke, I can be said, his eyes were staring at my tits rings as they were magical or something ( well, for me are magical! ) In fact, the stream seemed to have tongue-tied, as he looked. I said, sounding puzzled voice, "What 's going on? " Said Brook: " The, uh, the rings are by their, er, boobs " n I took one of my rings and said, "Yes, you never heard of him before tit rings. " " No," he said. " They, uh, go to the end? " " Yes," I said and turned to the ring to display. My rings are rings true, fast no problems, not the kind of balls on the end so you can continuously.. approached me and said, "Here, see for yourself," Brook swallowed - like that - then came a tentative hand to the front. that touched my tit ring as he thought it would be hot. Finding that it was not, which has n became the first one, then the other, convinced him to do, , in fact, " go all the way through. " "But why?" He asked. Along the way, not leave out the ring. " No, uh wakes me," I said, not wanting thicker " that attracts me. " I not want turn Brook off at the idea that s play tit other. "Particularly when it is twisted or pulled. " Brook received the message, however, I saw him look down at my lap, who was the starting point of a slight curvature. But he did not let him. And since he was a certain distance from me, he was, in fact, pulling the ring. "Have you ever seen someone play with your tits? " I asked, knowing full well would be the answer "no" It was, he said, " Here, let me show you what it is. Tell me how it feels. " I moved a little closer to Brook, and began playing with her tits through the jacket. I could feel that harden the material reinforced. I decided to go for it, so I grabbed his top shirt button and began to solve it. "The shirt is too thick to get the feeling of satiety, remove the" , I said. Brook began to unbutton his shirt in the background, when I opened the top pair keys. He rose from his shirt. When I realizedhis pants shops were on the front. Brook put the shirt on the sofa clean , then sat down, a little more to me than if he had risen. was right, his chest was very hairy. It was a nice chest, but not built as he lifted weights, but elegant, while running or playing tennis a lot. And it was pretty thin, maybe a 27 " or 28 " waist, with just a treasure hunt black hair coming down from the navel to the waist. grabbed my tits, and started playing with them. She perked up immediately. I took one between Preteen Ass the thumb and index finger nails and gently pinched her. Brook took a deep breath, then slipped into his seat while trying to is difficult to get into a comfortable position, without touching it. I felt sorry n to him, I went to my beer. When I click on it and turned - to- face he saw me, that " coincided with the furniture. " N I started the game again with one of her tits. When I got on the other, that is stopped, as you alsogh for something. "Tell me how you feel, " I said, and bent down to take the other breast in my mouth. I put my mouth around him, and turned my tongue back and forth at the top. Bach actually started panting ! I felt his hand on my neck, but not strip the head of my s out, was somehow fixed. I close my eye teeth, and some slightly and leaned back and then moved again. I leaned forward and has over again. Brook began breathing heavily again. After a minute or two of these, I stopped and sat and looked at Brook. I play with which he played with all the tit. saw new to me and tried to catch her breath. "I think you are up too ? " I asked with a glance down at his crotch. " Uh, yeah, " he said. "I never felt something like" Arroyo came to the erection, and my fingers run up and down is for the wool of his trousers. He changed his body, but do not tell me that to stop. " I take aboutreturn to ?. "I asked cautiously " I've never done anything before, "he said just to make sure that was not what it used to be, looked at me and asked again. " You are No you drunk ? " Brook, said:" No, that I feel good. There are more than an hour, and I have only three beers. I would even go to Sun " was restrained to some extent, so that began undoing his belt. I came to the capture of his pants. Fatality n I reached out and felt slowly opened hardness through underwear to his s. "Arise" I said. Brook was, and I slipped through the legs of his trousers. that mechanically out of them, reached out to taken before me. double order, and sat on his shirt and stood there in their underwear. and silk tail released. that took him by the hips and turned to my face when I'm on the couch Sat my ​​own erection was wearing only a towel around the effort "waist. I grabbed the waistband of his orSantander wear on both sides, and slowly pushed of its tail caught in the material, and thwack got her belly. What a beautiful cock, it was! Rather small, maybe 5 "long, but well formed and cut. His balls were proportionally smaller, a good drink, and covered with only a few short dark hair. I leaned ahead and buy it. Suckling forward little by little I slipped out of bed on his knees and made him so his back was on the couch. Without releasing, I came up and pushed against his chest. When he sat down, I moved forward, not letting go of their precious organ. As I sucked, I empties his balls with one hand, play with them and the functions in my hand. with the other hand, he grabbed me and started playing with a tit. Brook sat in shock, in joy. n I stopped sucking his dick and stop Brooks out of my mouth. Brook saw Down on Me. I leaned forward and pushed out of the way Brook tail with my the nose, and slowly sucked the balls in the mouth. I let my tongue Lightleand them, as I do my hot hot breath revolve around them. Brook began to Preteen Ass wheezing, and his hips moved up and down, and I realized it was close. I kept sucking his balls, then took his cock in my mouth. As soon as I have my tongue over the top then came. He thrust his hips forward and again, like splashes. I drank their nectar, and it s to stabilize the hip of him, as he pushed his cock in my throat began. Finally it happened, and put back on the couch and tried to catch his breath as well. looked at me and smiled, got up and sat beside her. I did not touch him, I wanted to fix things, why or how he felt. Finally, shallow breathing, almost normal. His only words were: "Wow!" N "I think he liked that ? " I asked. " Uh, yes. It was, uh, wow," he said, looking at me with wide eyes. Bach looked like he was trying to decide. Suddenly he leaned forward, Pull on the end of the towel to UNRWAp, and exposing my hard cock. It s looking at him, then grabbed him and surrounded him with one hand. He has some tentative pull, then started shaking me seriously. After a minute or so, he leaned forward and pointed my cock into her mouth. that s closed his eyes as he was scared when her mouth moved to the head of my cock. Then he stopped and opened his eyes. "I can not," he complained, and sat down. extended his hand up and down on my cock as he sat there and tried to to know what was going on. Finally he looked at his hand, and then its tail s, which in turn stiffened, and then let my cock. "I can not," repeated, and began to mourn. I took him in my arms and held him in the chest as he screamed. No sure if they feel guilty, or deceived, or what, so she held and rubbed shoulders and neck, as he sat there. Finally, he left to mourn, but still sits there with his head on my n chest. "But you do not understand," he said. "I wantedto do so. I knew what I they were doing. I saw that the output registered the first night I the straw fantasizing about that night and invited me to his room. and when I suggested they come to watch the game, I almost came in my pants! I can show how they noticed me. If you went to the shower, I have a leak in the hope he would say something like, " You must be hot to work all day, and come with me," I continued caressing her shoulders and stroked back, knowing he had to solve for themselves. " It is time," he said. "I'll be here for Preteen Ass the next few weeks. And if I'm not there, it would be a different type, you are so beautiful, I like to think, do ". I turned to get a napkin. Brook turned to me and what I look like a carefully wiping the tears from his face. He also took the opportunity to run my ​​fingers lightly over his chest, but carefully avoided, even his - tits and hard cock stiff again. I went over and gave me a streamLight kiss on the lips. He looked at me, o surprise, then slowly kissed me back. Just a kiss, but it was enough. "Let's dress," I said and stood up. I came to help him up, and stumbled into my arms. Drinks and excitement of the night had at last come to him. "You are driving in any form," I said. "Is there a place you can stay at the hotel ? " "There is room 508," he said, smiling mischievously. " That's fine with me," he said, his smile again. "I set my own schedule so that I can use at work to go to the end. " As we got into bed and went to turn off the light, Brook said: "We are forgotten n something. " I looked at him curiously. He got out of bed and threw at the door. Drawn from " Do Not Disturb" and went to the door. "We need time to finish what he could do tonight," he said, if again under the blanket. When turned off the light, he leaned forward and kissed me. " Good evening " he said. He bent suddenly as it rears its head n yHe groped for the blanket and me. I felt a kiss on the head of my cock and an n off: "And good evening to you too " upright like Brook, turned sideways, , and curled up beside me.
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